End of All's debut single & "Leave" EP track 1


How many ways can you bring a man to his knees?
You take his pride, tear his mind until he bleeds
You call him out, you bring him down
You make him doubt everything that he believes
There's no consequence to your ignorance
And I've had enough of hypocrisy
I watch them embrace the very thing they hate
And then they claim it's empowering

Hatred holds me no longer, 'cause I know…

The sun will rise, stay with me forever
This time I know you'll find your way through the dark
We'll make it through together
You and I will never be denied

It's all politics with these hypocrites
And I've had enough of the ignorance
You claim to tolerate, but all you preach is hate
And then they claim it's empowering

Rising up from the dirt you sank me
I'll kill your words and I'll leave you empty
I'll kill your pretense, your double-dealing
The look on your face is gonna heal me